Saturday, January 14, 2012

From Raspberry to Peach Status

So it seems every pregnancy reference likes to compare the size of your little one to a fruit or vegetable, so Tim and I have had fun tracking the growth of our little fruit as we go along. This week we had the opportunity to get another sonogram and it was pretty fun to see that Baby Baker actually looks like a real baby now...and not just an adorable blob!

Our first sonogram at 8 weeks when Baby Baker was the size of a raspberry.

Our 13 week sonogram when Baby Baker was the size of a peach.

There was a chance we could have found out whether Baby Baker would be playing little league football or taking dance lessons but the little "peach" did not want to cooperate and had it's legs modestly closed. Guess we will have to wait until week 18 to find out now.

And last but not least...Baby Baker waives goodbye until he/she reaches sweet potato status.

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