Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Month Update

Baby Whitley is 2 months old!! This has been such a fun month as she is growing and changing every day and Tim and I agree that we love her more each day even though we didn’t think that was even possible.

Disclaimer…I may have gone a little overboard on the pictures this month but there were just too many to choose from!! If you do not like baby pics…don’t look here!!

I love taking pictures of her smiling…


And yes, I know it may be wrong but I love pictures of her crying too.

Whitley started off month #2 celebrating Labor Day…she decided that she didn’t need to be at the lake or the beach to enjoy the day relaxing in her swimsuit.

She also got to see her daddy coach a couple of football games this month…we won both games she attended so she must be a lucky charm.

I was released from the doctor to work out again so we have been putting on our sneakers and going for walks around the neighborhood and to the gym a few days a week. We like to also get out and go to Target and drink pumpkin spice lattes!

Whitley likes to play in her jungle gym and it has been neat to see her go from just looking at some of the objects to moving her arms and legs to touch them and make them move around. She is also getting better at holding her head up while she watches the Today Show with me.
Watching TV

Whitley had the chance to meet more friends this month. She is going to have so many fun girlfriends to grow up with.

Whitley and I also went on our first overnight trip away from home. We went to visit her cousins Madi and Lexi, Uncle Bill and Aunt Le’Ann in Houston. The girls loved playing with her and making her smile. We also finally got a picture of Whitley with her Uncle Bill.

We finished off the month with going to our 1st Texas Aggie Tailgate! Class of 2035…Whoop!

One last thing…Tim and I have what is called the “Whitley is not impressed” face. This comes from the Olympic Gold Medalist, McKayla who’s “not impressed” face has become quite popular.

Mckayla not impressed...
Whitley not impressed...

Coming next month…Whitley laughing, Halloween costume ideas, mommy going back to work and Whitley going to day care :-/  
Madi and Lexi want her to be a pretty witch with them.