Wednesday, February 27, 2013

7 Month Update

February was filled with hearts, love, an anniversary celebration, and Whitley turning 7 months old.

Whitley continues to enjoy her vegetables. Avocado and carrots are her favorites. She learned all about Mardi Gras and King Cakes but no sugar just yet for this little girl. Whitley also got to hang out with her family and learn to make Italian sausage. She had a lot of fun and even got to meet some more of her extended family.

Whitley spends her days hanging out with her friend Kate when mommy and daddy are at work. These girls have so much fun together with Meme. I love getting photos of the two of them playing all day long.

Whitley had an extra special festive Valentine's Day. She first got to play cupid and even had her own heart bow and arrow.

She also enjoyed putting on her heart pajamas and opening all her Valentine's.

Lots of love from her grandparents and she even received $10!!

 In addition to Valentine's Day, mommy and daddy celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary! I am pretty sure this is the best one yet.

In regards to activities, Whitley likes to play a game where she takes her mat apart like a puzzle so mommy and daddy have to put it back together.

She is moving all around but hasn't started crawling just yet. She does do what we call the "crawfish" where she pushes herself backwards, sliding on the wood floor.

The month of February has also been filled with nice, sunny days, where we were able to get out a do a little stroll around the neighborhood. Whitley likes to play it cool with her shades on when she strolls.

 Unfortunately, the blog update is a few days late because Whitley had her first cold. As you can imagine, it was much worse for mommy and daddy to have to see her not feeling well. Mommy is glad to have lots of good family and friends to offer advice...and to keep us from rushing to the emergency room...I know...1st timers.

We usually end the blog with a sweet picture of Whitley sleeping but I thought this was more fun. Instead here is daddy putting stockings on Whitley for the first time...not too shabby.

Well goodbye until next month!! Whitley is excited about the month of March where she can celebrate her Irish heritage, mommy's birthday and her 1st Easter.