Thursday, July 4, 2013

11 Month Update

Summer is in full swing and Whitley is having a blast...especially at daddy day care. She is really turning into Miss Independent...tear...and developing her own unique personality.

She shows her creative side by finding new ways to use her baby toys...

She has also found the perfect hide-n-seek spot in the TV entertainment center (note...thanks to Whitley, the cabinet door is no longer attached).

She loves to hang out with big brother and can now say "Monk."

She loves making funny faces in the window...

She is enjoying her books...Mother Goose rhymes and the Puppy Boo book are her favorite "go to" books right now.

After a very busy day, Whitley and dada wait for mama to get home.

Whitley has also been having lots of fun outside of the house...

She still gets to spend lots of time with Kate.
Salt n Pepa at Little Gym, Water Table Fun, Mellow Mushroom and the Zoo

We enjoyed a fun family outing to the Fort Worth Zoo.
Checking out the animals, feeding the birds, and riding the carousel
Whitley also enjoyed swimming, train rides and concert in the gardens with her cousins and a petting zoo party for her sweet friend Elle!

Last but not least, our favorite new thing Whitley loves to do is give hugs and kisses...melts our heart every time.
Hugging Kate...or trying to physically remove her from her chair...

Until next month...when we celebrate the 1st Birthday!! Can you believe it?!?!