Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 Months...Merry and Bright!


Happy 5 Months to Whitley and Merry Christmas to all our family and friends! We have had an exciting month full of all things Christmas including SNOW in Texas.

We kicked off the month with our very first visit to see Santa Claus. Whitley was all smiles as she sat on his lap for a picture and told him all the things she wanted for her 1st Christmas.

Downtown Grapevine, Texas
Whitley also joined mommy and daddy outside as we put up the Christmas lights on the house...not quite Griswold status but it was our first year to put up outside lights.

Now that football season is over, Whitley has had a lot more daddy-daughter bonding time.

Whitley is also getting to bond more with her big brother, Monk.

This was another milestone month as Whitley started eating solids. So far she has tried oatmeal and peas...she is a fan of both!

Whitley also got to make her first trip out of the state to see her family in Mississippi and Louisiana. She is a great traveler as you can see from her pictures.

Road Trip
Starting from top left: Natchez Coffee Shop; Visiting with Aunt Kat in Monroe; Meeting her Great Grandfather and Boppa; Seeing a Natchez Llama; First view of the Mississippi River; Meeting Hayden and Blake

Whitley was a very good girl this year and Santa was very good to her. I am not sure who had more fun this Christmas...Whitley or Mommy and Daddy...but regardless it was a lot of fun passing on our family traditions to Whitley and also starting some new traditions of our own.

Same Christmas Dress:  Mommy at 9 months and Whitley at 5 months

Same Christmas PJ's: Mommy at 9 months and Whitley at 5 months

Whitley's Christmas Tree and her Elf

We finished out the month with a White Christmas! Whitley enjoyed playing in the snow for the first time.

Whitley wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Sweet Dreams.

Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Months!

The holidays are in full swing and Whitley is 4 months old!! 

She is already weighing in at 16lbs 3oz and is 27 inches long!  Apparently she is “off the charts” in length but I think we already knew that as we had to rush out and buy 6 month clothing a little earlier than anticipated.
Whitley has definitely found her voice this month and keeps us entertained as she shows it off. She found her left foot early on and has finally started giving the right foot a little love too as she tries to put her toes in her mouth.  

She is more aware of who is around her and able to track us as we move about and give us the sweetest smile. She is also very aware of her bottle and will let you know she wants it as soon as she sees it. 

She is starting to play with toys and loves interacting with others.

Hands down, the best part of this month is hearing her laugh and act silly…melts my heart every time.

In other news, it has been a busy month for Whitley as she got to go watch her daddy coach a playoff game at Cowboy Stadium. She loved watching the game on the GIANT jumbo-tron.

Whitley also got to go see mama at work and then be her side kick at the Veterans Day parade in Sundance Square. She had a great time seeing all the people in the parade, hearing the music from the bands and thanking lots of Veterans.

She is definitely a daddy’s girl, as she LOVES watching football…no kidding…she is so calm when it’s on. She especially enjoyed seeing her Texas A&M Aggies beat Alabama!

Whitley was baptized this month and got to wear a very special dress that her cousin Victoria and AnnaGrace wore for their baptism. 

She also got her first gift from Tiffany’s from her Godfather (Uncle Bill) although I think she liked chewing on the bag more than what was inside. It was such a special day! 

She also enjoyed her first ever Thanksgiving day. Although she is still on a liquid diet, she was able to sit with us at the table in her chair and enjoy being with her family. We really do have so much to be thankful for this year. Gobble Gobble!

 Next month, Whitley is looking forward to going to Mississippi, her 1st Christmas and going to see Santa Claus. Until then, sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Months + 5 Days Update

Our little pumpkin is already 3 months old!! It has been a big month for Whitley. Whitley is learning all kinds of new tricks and even rolled over from front to back a few times. 

 Whitley is still a good sleeper and continues to sleep through the night...mommy and daddy are very lucky!

For the most part she is a very happy baby but I couldn't help but capture a few grumpy shots.

Whitley continues to be a good luck charm for her daddy's football team...she is hoping to attend her first play off game next month.

Whitley had fun with her cousins and finally got to meet Victoria Leigh!

One day, Whitley was shocked when she saw how short her hair was in the mirror...

So she decided to try out some hair extensions...but quickly grew tired of being mistaken for a Kardashian and had them removed.

Whitley had the chance to hang out with her slightly older friend Kate a few times. Kate was telling Whitley how great it was to sleep in her very own room so Whitley begged us to give it a try.

Whitley had no problem sleeping in her crib through the night but when a storm popped up daddy suggested she come back to our room and I quickly agreed. We finally made it through the night the following night.

Sadly the day came where I had to go back to work so Whitley started day care. Daddy dropped her off on her first day and she did great. She must have played hard all day because she crashed as soon as she got home.

We love this time of year so Whitley went to visit her first pumpkin patch with Jaime and Collins...but although quite entertaining, she refused to take a photo without showing me her tongue.

So of course I took her again with Leslie and Sydney where we finally snapped some better shots.

Whitley is so excited for her 1st Halloween! So many costume options and so little time.

Well Whitley is ready to say her prayers and go night night. See you all at 4 months!

Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Month Update

Baby Whitley is 2 months old!! This has been such a fun month as she is growing and changing every day and Tim and I agree that we love her more each day even though we didn’t think that was even possible.

Disclaimer…I may have gone a little overboard on the pictures this month but there were just too many to choose from!! If you do not like baby pics…don’t look here!!

I love taking pictures of her smiling…


And yes, I know it may be wrong but I love pictures of her crying too.

Whitley started off month #2 celebrating Labor Day…she decided that she didn’t need to be at the lake or the beach to enjoy the day relaxing in her swimsuit.

She also got to see her daddy coach a couple of football games this month…we won both games she attended so she must be a lucky charm.

I was released from the doctor to work out again so we have been putting on our sneakers and going for walks around the neighborhood and to the gym a few days a week. We like to also get out and go to Target and drink pumpkin spice lattes!

Whitley likes to play in her jungle gym and it has been neat to see her go from just looking at some of the objects to moving her arms and legs to touch them and make them move around. She is also getting better at holding her head up while she watches the Today Show with me.
Watching TV

Whitley had the chance to meet more friends this month. She is going to have so many fun girlfriends to grow up with.

Whitley and I also went on our first overnight trip away from home. We went to visit her cousins Madi and Lexi, Uncle Bill and Aunt Le’Ann in Houston. The girls loved playing with her and making her smile. We also finally got a picture of Whitley with her Uncle Bill.

We finished off the month with going to our 1st Texas Aggie Tailgate! Class of 2035…Whoop!

One last thing…Tim and I have what is called the “Whitley is not impressed” face. This comes from the Olympic Gold Medalist, McKayla who’s “not impressed” face has become quite popular.

Mckayla not impressed...
Whitley not impressed...

Coming next month…Whitley laughing, Halloween costume ideas, mommy going back to work and Whitley going to day care :-/  
Madi and Lexi want her to be a pretty witch with them.