Thursday, December 27, 2012

5 Months...Merry and Bright!


Happy 5 Months to Whitley and Merry Christmas to all our family and friends! We have had an exciting month full of all things Christmas including SNOW in Texas.

We kicked off the month with our very first visit to see Santa Claus. Whitley was all smiles as she sat on his lap for a picture and told him all the things she wanted for her 1st Christmas.

Downtown Grapevine, Texas
Whitley also joined mommy and daddy outside as we put up the Christmas lights on the house...not quite Griswold status but it was our first year to put up outside lights.

Now that football season is over, Whitley has had a lot more daddy-daughter bonding time.

Whitley is also getting to bond more with her big brother, Monk.

This was another milestone month as Whitley started eating solids. So far she has tried oatmeal and peas...she is a fan of both!

Whitley also got to make her first trip out of the state to see her family in Mississippi and Louisiana. She is a great traveler as you can see from her pictures.

Road Trip
Starting from top left: Natchez Coffee Shop; Visiting with Aunt Kat in Monroe; Meeting her Great Grandfather and Boppa; Seeing a Natchez Llama; First view of the Mississippi River; Meeting Hayden and Blake

Whitley was a very good girl this year and Santa was very good to her. I am not sure who had more fun this Christmas...Whitley or Mommy and Daddy...but regardless it was a lot of fun passing on our family traditions to Whitley and also starting some new traditions of our own.

Same Christmas Dress:  Mommy at 9 months and Whitley at 5 months

Same Christmas PJ's: Mommy at 9 months and Whitley at 5 months

Whitley's Christmas Tree and her Elf

We finished out the month with a White Christmas! Whitley enjoyed playing in the snow for the first time.

Whitley wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Sweet Dreams.

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