Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 Months + 5 Days Update

Our little pumpkin is already 3 months old!! It has been a big month for Whitley. Whitley is learning all kinds of new tricks and even rolled over from front to back a few times. 

 Whitley is still a good sleeper and continues to sleep through the night...mommy and daddy are very lucky!

For the most part she is a very happy baby but I couldn't help but capture a few grumpy shots.

Whitley continues to be a good luck charm for her daddy's football team...she is hoping to attend her first play off game next month.

Whitley had fun with her cousins and finally got to meet Victoria Leigh!

One day, Whitley was shocked when she saw how short her hair was in the mirror...

So she decided to try out some hair extensions...but quickly grew tired of being mistaken for a Kardashian and had them removed.

Whitley had the chance to hang out with her slightly older friend Kate a few times. Kate was telling Whitley how great it was to sleep in her very own room so Whitley begged us to give it a try.

Whitley had no problem sleeping in her crib through the night but when a storm popped up daddy suggested she come back to our room and I quickly agreed. We finally made it through the night the following night.

Sadly the day came where I had to go back to work so Whitley started day care. Daddy dropped her off on her first day and she did great. She must have played hard all day because she crashed as soon as she got home.

We love this time of year so Whitley went to visit her first pumpkin patch with Jaime and Collins...but although quite entertaining, she refused to take a photo without showing me her tongue.

So of course I took her again with Leslie and Sydney where we finally snapped some better shots.

Whitley is so excited for her 1st Halloween! So many costume options and so little time.

Well Whitley is ready to say her prayers and go night night. See you all at 4 months!