Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Trimester Scoreboard

*Sorry Tiger fans but only scoreboard I could find...

First Trimester Score Board
31 years of age
2 Dr. Visits completed
1 sonogram (5 weeks)
5 lbs gained...thanks Holidays...
4 times I fell asleep before 9pm
.5 times I fell asleep at my desk while typing
1 1st trimester blood work screening
2 vomiting episodes
204 eggs consumed
¾ bottle of large Tums consumed
2 emotional break downs (1 irrational…1 completely rational)
2 missed meetings due to “pregnancy brain”
36 Crossfit workouts completed
27.75 miles walked/ran
43 times I have googled something with the name “pregnancy” in it
3 pregnancy books read
2.5 hours spent on Pinterest searching for baby things

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