Monday, July 2, 2012

38 Weeks...Happy Independence Day!

How far along? 38 weeks
Baby Baker is the size of: Pumpkin (19.75 inches long and 6.8lbs)
Food I want in my belly: Grilled Cheese
Food I want nowhere near me: Nothing new…
Baby Prep to Do: Dilate…ha!
Highlight of the week: I got an iPad!! Whitley cannot wait to Face Time with her cousins and grandparents.
Exercise regimen: Crossfit x 3 days…well or should I say I did some exercises at a crossfit gym.
Maternity Clothes:  Maternity…yep!
Baby Gender: A sweet baby girl
Pregnancy Symptoms: Restless nights
Item(s) I could not live without: Anything distracting…feeling pretty anxious these days…but in a good way.
Anything else worth mentioning?  These last few weeks are dragging by…I know everyone says to just enjoy this time but we are just so ready to meet our baby girl!

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