Monday, May 14, 2012

31 Weeks!

How far along? 31 weeks…7 MONTHS!!
Baby Baker is the size of: 4 navel oranges (16.25 inches long and 3.3lb)
Food I want in my belly: Chocolate covered strawberries…check out my 1st Mommy-to-be gift from Tim..

Food I want nowhere near me: Nothing new…
Baby Prep to Do: RELAX a little and work on the nursery.
Highlight of the week: Celebrated my 1st Mom-to-be Mother’s Day. We spent the weekend with family and also went to see my nieces dance recital. Also ate crawfish one day and spaghetti the next…so good!
Exercise regimen: Crossfit x 4 + extra walking  
Maternity Clothes:  Mostly all maternity.
Baby Gender: A sweet baby girl
Pregnancy Symptoms: According to my co-workers, relaxin hormone in my body that is meant to get you ready for labor is definitely making itself known and I have started to waddle a bit…ugh!
Item(s) I could not live without: My wonderful nieces…it is so much fun seeing the excitement they have for Baby Whitley’s arrival.
Anything else worth mentioning?  This was our last planned weekend out of town until Baby Baker arrives. It was kind of surreal to think the next time we are in Orange, we will be traveling with a Monk AND a baby!!

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