Monday, March 26, 2012

24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby Baker is the size of: An Ear of Corn (12.5 inches long and 1.25 lb).
Food I want in my belly: Birthday cake
Food I want nowhere near me: Nothing new…
Baby Prep to Do: Start selecting fabrics for crib bedding…my wonderful, talented friend Amie will be sewing the bedding for the nursery…she has some awesome ideas…can’t wait to see it all come together!!!
Highlight of the week: Celebrating my 32nd birthday!! Had a relaxing weekend eating crawfish and checking out the Fort Worth Food Park…apparently all my plans revolved around food…but still managed to fit in some nice outdoor fun. So much to be excited for this year!! Also got the chance to spend some time with Karla and Jason!! Miss them!
Exercise regimen: Crossfit x 5
Maternity Clothes:  Wearing some of my regular shirts and comfy pants but mostly maternity.
Baby Gender: A sweet baby girl
Pregnancy Symptoms: This week brought on a whole new meaning to the phrase frequent urination. A few days this week I lost count after I visited the ladies room over 20 times. Baby girl sure likes to kick my bladder which doesn’t help matters.
Item(s) I could not live without: A good stock of toilet paper…see previous symptom.
Anything else worth mentioning? Tim finished painting the dresser/changing table this weekend. We changed the hardware and added the changing pad. So pleased with how it turned out…take a look at the pictures below. This dresser is 50+ years old and belonged to my mom. I remember using it in my play room as a kid when we played house, dress-up and school. So neat to see it used for my daughter.
Whitley Lynn Baker
Changing Table/Dresser

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  1. Love your handiwork, Tim. Soon that little girl will be in her room and using this changing this changing table/dresser! Yay!