Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can't Hardly Wait...


The gender of Baby Baker is in this brown envelope...tightly sealed!!! 

Today Tim and I went for our much anticipated anatomy scan...BUT...we decided to hold off on finding out the gender for a couple more days. Our 2nd wedding anniversary is in 4 days so we thought it would make it extra special to wait until then to open the envelope. 

We had the sonographer put a sonogram picture with the gender typed on it in the envelope. Our plan is to take the envelope to a bakery and have them make us a gender reveal cake. Basically what they do is make the inside of the cake either pink or blue and cover it with icing so you cannot see what color it is until you cut into the cake. We plan to pick up the cake on our way to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and find out whether Baby Baker will be a girl or boy during dessert...5 o'clock reservations anyone??!!

So now here we sit on the couch watching the TV with some of the biggest news sitting in an envelope a few feet away...think we will be able to make it??!!

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  1. Waiting with great anticipation!!!!<3 <3