Sunday, May 12, 2013

9 Month Update

We have hit the 9 month mark! At her 9 month check up Whitley weighed 22lbs 14oz and was 30 3/4 in long. Still an off the chart baby!! The chalk board pics are also getting harder and harder to do as Whitley is on the move! Crawling all around and pulling up and very close to standing on her own.

See...she is bored with me and my chalkboard =)

Whitley really enjoyed visiting the Easter bunny.

On Easter Sunday we went to church and then came home to see what the Easter bunny had left Whitley. Whitley also got to help make her first bunny cake. My family has made this cake every year and I am so glad I get to share this tradition with Whitley now.

We ended the day with a little Easter egg hunt in the back yard. Whitley loved the plastic eggs the most.

Boiling crawfish is something her mama and daddy love to do this time of year so we were excited to have our first boil with Whitley. Of course no babies were harmed taking this photo but I cannot say the same for the little crawfish.

Big brother Monk also celebrated his birthday on March 31st. He was 10 years old...and he still is not a fan of me putting the party hat on him. Whitley is starting to love interacting with her puppy dog more and more. She even makes a grunting noise when she hears him bark or sees him.

Whitley also got to find her inner artist at Sydney's 2nd bday party. She had such a fun time.

Whitley also finished her first semester of music class. It was so fun to see her go from just starting to sit up at the beginning of the semester to ending it with crawling all over the place. This is such a fun class and we are looking forward to the summer session.

 Last but certainly not least...Whitley began sleeping on her stomach...which has resulted in her sleeping through the night. AAAAAHHHHH! Well see you in a couple weeks at the 10 month check up!

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