Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 Month

 1 Month Old

Whitley Lynn Baker

Baby Whitley is already a month old!! The last month has been such a whirlwind of sleepless nights, laughs and tears, and mostly just trying to figure out this whole parenting thing. 

1 Month Photo Bloopers =)

The first couple of weeks flew by as we had many friends and family come to visit and meet our sweet girl. It was so nice to have lots of helping hands as we settled in to life as a family of 3.
Cousins, Aunt Le'Ann and Aunt Kat

Nana, Grandaddy, Deanna and new friend Collins

Grammy, Gramps, Amie, Jess and Russ, and Brittyn

 It is no secret that Whitley looks a lot like her daddy!  I actually am pretty sure that is the first thing I said when she was born and Tim brought her over for me to see her. She was born very alert with a head full of pretty brown hair and beautiful long eye lashes.


Whitley likes to kick her arms and legs a lot…she already seems so strong when she grips our fingers. Everyone comments on how she can already hold her head up so early on. She also tends to keep her hands in front of her face which is exactly how she always had them positioned during her ultrasound photos/videos. 

We have noticed that she loves to look at the sun shining through our sky light in the living room and her eyes are drawn to shiny things. 

She initially was not a fan of bath time but loved having her hair washed. We have since discovered that she absolutely loves bath time as long as you leave the water running.

Bath time was a little rough in the beginning...

Whitley did like having her hair washed though...

We have also been blessed with a baby that loves to sleep at night…we actually have to wake her up to feed her during the night…just hoping this sleep pattern continues.

Trying to wake her up to eat at night is not always easy.

Her little hand seems to escape even the tightest swaddle blanket.

Over the past month Whitley has learned to stick her tongue out and smile at you when you make silly faces and sounds. She is also starting to show signs of following sounds and her eyes also follow us as we move around her.

The last few days Whitley has grown out of her newborn clothes. I have been stuffing her in them because I am too sentimental to pack them away…I am certain I will be shedding tears when I finally make myself put them away.

 Other than that, mommy and Whitley are quite busy during the day with lots of feedings, naps, and the occasional outing to Target. Football season has begun so daddy has gone back to work. Whitley and I look forward to cheering on his team when we go to her 1st football game in a couple of weeks. Go Texans!

More to come next month!

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