Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Fat Positive

It was the first weekend in November, and we had just finished our last football game of the season. We had big plans to spend Saturday at the local brewery, and I had a Sunday mimosa brunch with friends also on the agenda. Little did I know the weekend would not go according to plan. I should have known something was strange when I had the urge to stop at CVS on the way home from the game Friday night to buy Raisin Bran and Wheat Thins....2 items I never buy at the grocery store. The following day after the brewery, I attempted to drink my favorite red wine but it just wasn't tasting right causing me to surrender and pour the glass down the sink.

On my way to brunch the following morning, I had suspicions that I may be pregnant and decided to pick up a test. I was surprisingly calm throughout brunch and even stopped to run a few errands before heading back to the house. When I walked through the door I casually told my husband Tim that I was going to take a quick pregnancy test. He didn't seem to think much of it. At this point, something inside me just knew that this time I was going to see a positive test and after a couple of anxiously filled minutes, my gut feeling was justified when I saw the digital "pregnant"appear on the test screen.

I had always envisioned that when this day came, I would deliver the news to Tim in some super creative way...but now the time had come and I was stuck in the downstairs bathroom with a no ideas and feeling zero creativity...not to mention I was still in shock. I decided to just walk into the living room and give him the test so he could see for himself. It took a few seconds for him to register what he was reading and since my shock still hadn't worn off I have no idea what he said. I just know that we were both extremely happy and excited to receive such wonderful news. Based on the calendar, on Sunday, November 6th, I was exactly 4 weeks pregnant.

I knew that I wanted to document the next 9 months so I turned to the internet to see if I could find any ideas which I could steal shamelessly. A friend of mine mentioned I should follow the "chalk board" pregnant girl blog so I checked it out and immediately had inspiration of what I wanted to do. Like the "chalk board" blogger, most her family too lived out of town and would not be around to watch her growing baby belly so she decided to document her pregnancy by using her fancy chalkboard to display her week of pregnancy and a belly bump photo. With the help of my dad, step-mom, and husband I was able to get them to make me my very own chalkboard to document the kick-off to Baby Baker!

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